Agri-Logic is an integrated business application, including a point of sale module, written by Axiom for the agriculture services industry. ERP for agriculture that is proudly South African!

Agri-Logic offers strong foundation modules as follows:

  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Assets
  • Cashbook
  • Creditors
  • Debtors
  • Sales
  • Order Processing
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory

It also includes the following modules:

  • New Member Management
  • Direct Purchasing
  • Workshop
  • Point of Sale
  • Business Intelligence reporting with MS SQL Server

Agri-Logic is today’s technology: Windows clients coupled to the latest IBM i-Series servers. At present Agri-Logic is only available for the IBM i-Series server, but future generations of the package will include both Intel and Unix-type hardware versions.


Info-Logic is a leading financial and distribution business application for the IBM i-Series range of servers. It is a wholly South African produced software system.

Every organisation has a unique company structure and related terminology, with control being exercised at different levels in that structure. The Info-Logic software has been designed to meet all management, accounting and financial control requirements in the following way.

The System enables any organisational structure to be defined, as well as the level in that structure at which critical business functions are controlled.
The Control Module is responsible for administering the relationship between the organisational structure and the business functions.
In addition the Control Module allows the authorization of Business Entities per User at every level of the structure, and thereafter controls that access.
The Control Module offers a simple means for Users to create their own personalized menus and for specifying an initial menu, thereby providing a second level of security and access control.


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BookMaster IP1, Dynaman WM1 and Integrator

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Enlighten Suite of Products for Supply Chain Optimisation/Demand Planning

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Agri-Logic and Info-Logic ERP that is proudly South African

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Office 365 – Business in the Cloud along with MS.Net and related server products

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