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Axiom sells, supports and implements IBM hardware and software products. We have been an IBM Business Partner since the inception of the BP Programme at IBM

Mid-Range Server Systems

Axiom understands the reliance placed by businesses in the stability of the application servers. For this reason, Axiom supplies and supports only hardware with an industry-wide reputation for reliability, availability, and performance. The IBM range of application servers includes the IBM i (Power Systems), the IBM eServer p-Series and the Lenovo Servers. Axiom delivers consulting, support, implementation and training services relevant to the IBM Mid-range servers. These are provided to a broad base of clients, varying from large listed companies to small/mid-sized operations. Axiom’s special skill set is to integrate the computers into the business in such a way as to provide an easily managed and secure operating environment.

IBM i (Power Systems) and Lenovo Servers

IBM Storage solutions for i-Series and open systems
Backup and recovery software
LAN and WAN communication facilities
Desktop and Portable Workstations
For more information on the IBM i (Power Systems) click here or Lenovo Servers click here.

Personal Systems – Lenovo

Axiom specializes in all IBM/Lenovo personal systems including desktop workstations, notebooks, and all related software. IBM provides a wide range of superior quality personal systems to suit every clients’ needs. As a Lenovo partner, Axiom supplies, supports and implements IBM’s personal systems and is able to assist clients in making the right choice in product For more information on IBM/Lenovo personal systems click here

IBM Software

Existing computer applications cost clients a lot of money, and the clients want to maximise the benefits. Axiom takes the clients’ needs seriously. Axiom knows that clients need to change computer systems to match their changing business environment and that they have to keep costs managed properly. Axiom helps customers to adapt and survive.

Axiom maintains AS/400 legacy software and keeps it up-to-date as business needs change
Axiom extends existing applications with new functions and capabilities utilizing RAD tools
Axiom integrates core business software with innovative technology as it emerges
Axiom helps respond to the real world with what the client has so that it keeps working for the organization
Axiom markets, sells, implements and supports a number of the IBM software products in the following categories:

  • Desktop & Server Software
  • Backup & Recovery Software
  • Storage Management Software
  • System Management Software
  • Utility Software


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BookMaster IP1, Dynaman WM1 and Integrator

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Enlighten Suite of Products for Supply Chain Optimisation/Demand Planning

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Agri-Logic and Info-Logic ERP that is proudly South African

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Office 365 – Business in the Cloud along with MS.Net and related server products

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We provide hardware from a multitude of vendors, as required

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